Whole name:
왕재산예술단 청봉악단  Wangjesan yesuldan Chongbong aktan /  Chongbong Band of the
Wangjaesan Art Group / Chongbong Band der Wangjaesan Kunsttruppe / 王在山藝術團青峰樂團 / 王在山艺术团青峰乐团 / ワンジェサン芸術団青峰楽団

Short name:
청봉악단 Chöngbong Aktan / 青峰樂團 / 青峰乐团 / 青峰楽団 / Blue Peak Music Group = Chongbong Band / Blauer Gipfel Ensemble = Chongbong Ensemble
Sinihuipun yhtye / Blåtoppets orkester / Ансамбль Чхонбон

Division Number Two of the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army (東北抗日聯軍, 동북항일연군/동북항일련군), organized by the Chinese Communist Party in Manchuria, had been camping on the southwestern slopes of Mount Paektu  (White Head 白頭), engaging in guerrilla activities in the state of Manchukuo. It is this unit that North Koreans afterwards started to call the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army. In May 1939 it was driven out of Mount Paektu by the Japanese army trying to eradicate the guerillas. The guerrillas crossed the upper stream of Yalu River (Green Duck River 鴨緑江) to Korea and moved about 30 km southeast to Chongbong (Blue Peak, 青峰), whose top rises 1456 m above sea level. They built a new temporary camp there and organized a meeting of commanders to discuss further moves. However, it was not a place to stay for very long, and in early summer the troops headed north, camping along the way on the shore of Lake Samjiyon (Three Ponds and Pools 三池淵). Finally they crossed the Tumen (Full of Beans River 豆満江) returning back to Manchuria, and continuing guerrilla activities there. Whether a certain Kim Il Song was among the troops is not really known.
After that Chongbong apparently was forgotten for some forty years, until in the 1970s there were discovered anti-Japanese slogans written on tree trunks. Whether they really dated from the 1939 visit, or were created by Mansudae Art Troupe artists in the 1970s, is not known.  Anyway, it is mainly in the 1980s that Chongbong, as well as Samjiyon, were elevated into holy sites of the Korean revolution.
Pochonbo (Fortress of the Whole World 普天堡) is another holy site. The Battle of Pochonbo took place in 4 June 1937, when a group of Korean guerrillas lead by Kim Il Song crossed the Yalu River from Manchuria and attacked a Japanese police station, manned by seven Japanese and Korean police. They conquered the place and also burned some adjacent buildings. With this attack the name of Kim Il-sung became famous, and the Japanese government announced a large price for his head. However, whether he is the same person who later resided in asylum in the Soviet Union and even later became the leader of North Korea is not known.

Established in July 2015, existence announced in 20150728.

I want to thank Pekka Korhonen for giving me all these Informations. Check also his blogs:

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  1. “All these Informations” ist sicher zu fiel. “Some” ist vielleicht besser. Alle Fotos und fiele andere Sachen sind deine.


  2. Hello,Nice to meet you.
    I am Tomo, living in JAPAN.
    I study about music of D.P.R.KOREA ,so I often check your web site and Prof. Pekka Korhonen’s web site.
    I think you organized very well about information of Chongbong Band.
    I will contact you again !


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